Volunteer Opportunities

The Olathe Public Schools are fortunate to have a high level of community participation in many school activities ranging from parent-teacher conferences to after-prom and Project Graduation events. Parents and patrons are encouraged to show their support of quality education by assisting with after-school events or joining school councils and committees.

From volunteering in the school office to becoming PTO president, parents are invited to take an active role in their child's school community. Here are a few district committees and programs that rely on volunteers.

Parent-teacher groups

Parent teacher associations, parent teacher organizations, parent teacher clubs, etc. promote cooperation in matters concerning the education and welfare of students. Organizations have a variety of functions including communication between parents and the school, volunteer networking, social networking, and limited financial support.

Contact: school principals

Site Councils

Site Councils began in January 1993 under Kansas law. They provide support, advice, assistance and counsel to individual schools regarding their established School Improvement Plan. Some activities in which the councils may be involved include communicating needs and successes of the school, obtaining input from the staff and community, learning about the needs of the particular building, and learning about the School Improvement Process. Site Council membership is determined at the building level, but may include building administrators, school staff, parents, and community or business members.

Contact: school principals