Legislative Update for May 15, 2017

Just as the Kansas legislative session has been a frequent topic of conversation in the community, we in the Olathe Public Schools have been closely watching discussions on a variety of issues, including a new school finance formula.

The Legislature returned on Monday, May 1, needing to pass a balanced budget, a revenue package and a school finance formula. Budget committees in both the House and the Senate have finished assembling their budget proposals, but neither chamber has adopted a plan. Current estimates are that $500 million to $540 million in additional revenues will be necessary to balance the budget, not including funding for school finance.

Both the House and Senate are working on school funding bills. The Kansas Supreme Court has given the Legislature until June 30 to solve the school adequacy funding issue.

The Veto Session is complete on May 15. However, it is expected that the Legislature will not be complete with its work and will extend the session.