Legislative Update May 22, 2017

The Legislature has entered the fourth week of its veto session and Wednesday, May 24, will mark the 100th day. The Legislature returned on Monday, May 1, needing to pass a balanced budget, a revenue package and a school finance formula.

Budget committees in both the House and the Senate have finished assembling their budget proposals, but only the Senate has taken action.

Neither chamber has been able to successfully pass a revenue package since failing to override the governor's veto on HB 2178 earlier this session. (The House successfully overrode the veto; however, the Senate was short three votes).

The Kansas Supreme Court has given the Legislature until June 30 to solve the school adequacy funding issue. The House K-12 Education Committee passed a bill out of committee and it is awaiting floor action. The Senate Select Committee on School Finance is currently working on its plan.

District staff are actively monitoring legislative progress and will be communicating with staff and constituents as the session continues.