Legislative Update May 25, 2017

The Kansas Supreme Court has given the Legislature until June 30 to solve the school adequacy funding issue. On Thursday, May 25, the House took the first step toward meeting this obligation. The House passed a K-12 funding bill. The Senate is expected to take up a similar K-12 funding bill next week. Both houses will have to agree and vote on one plan to send to Gov. Sam Brownback to sign or veto. The outcome of that decision determines the length of the timeline for the State Supreme Court to review if the plan meets the school adequacy funding issues. In addition to a K-12 funding bill, the Legislature needs to pass a balanced budget and a revenue package along with the school finance formula.

"We appreciate the work of the legislators as they work on a new school funding formula," Interim Superintendent Pat All said. "We are pleased that there were many provisions that Olathe supported that were included in the House bill. We recognize the revenue challenges and understand and appreciate the funding allocation for 2017-18. However, the funding allocations beyond this first year are not sufficient to address the on-going question of making sure our schools are adequately funded."

There are a lot of unknowns at this point, but district staff are actively monitoring legislative progress and we will communicate with staff and constituents as the session continues.