Keep Moving Forward. Olathe Public Schools: Maintaining Excellence

Local Option Budget logoRegistered voters who live within the Olathe School District boundaries have an opportunity to vote in an upcoming election that would help the district maintain its excellence. Voters will have between Jan. 7-27 to vote on a mail-in ballot proposal to continue the district's current Local Option Budget level. This is a no-tax-increase proposal that would positively impact every school in the district.

At its Oct. 2 meeting, the Olathe Board of Education passed a resolution to go forward with a public mail-in ballot relating to the district's Local Option Budget (LOB). The LOB is locally raised funds that can be used for operating expenses, such as salaries and other classroom expenses.

During the 2014 Legislative Session, the state Legislature passed a bill that would allow districts to raise the Local Option Budget up to a maximum of 33 percent. The Legislature has allowed districts to raise it for the 2014-15 school year, but requires districts to go out for a mail-in election to gain approval to maintain the increase for the 2015-16 school year and beyond. The Olathe Board of Education voted to raise the LOB from 31 percent to the maximum 33 percent at its August 2014 meeting.

In the Olathe district, even in raising the LOB, the district's mill rate has decreased.

Voters will have until Jan. 27 to return their completed ballot. This election would be a vote to maintain the district's current LOB funding and keep the Olathe Public Schools moving forward. The mail-in ballot vote will allow the district to preserve existing funds that positively impact the classroom and maintain what is currently in place. Several Johnson County school districts will be going out to voters on this topic on Jan. 27.

The vote would not increase the mill levy; it would only maintain it. If the LOB vote does not pass, budget cuts will need to be made.

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