Kansas College and Career Ready Standards

With so much information available about Kansas College and Career Ready Standards, it's important for parents to understand the essentials about what this means in the Olathe Public Schools and how it will impact student learning.

  • Common Core Standards are now known as College and Career Ready Standards in the state of Kansas. Implementation of the locally-developed curriculum that meets these standards was initiated with the approval of the math curriculum in December 2012, followed by the approval of the English Language Arts curriculum in January 2013.
  • College and Career Ready Standards are not prescribed lessons teachers must teach, they do not dictate specific textbooks or instructional materials that must be used, and they do not dictate teaching strategies. Olathe district teachers wrote the curriculum using the standards, selected every resource used in classrooms, and developed lessons and classroom assessment.
  • In the Olathe Public Schools, these standards will build upon the strong learning emphasis currently in place within the district.
  • These standards provide a greater emphasis on teaching skills that will best prepare students to be college and career ready.
  • The English Language Arts standards bring an increased emphasis on the reading of complex literary and informational texts and writing throughout every core subject.  Students continue to read classic literature with familiar authors and titles in all classrooms.
  • These standards also provide increased application of language and literacy in all subject areas and will help students increase thoughtful discussions and present ideas effectively through speaking and listening.
  • The Math College and Career Ready Standards emphasize the depth of conceptual understanding to enhance skill development. Students start their elementary learning foundation with solid understanding of numbers and number sense as they demonstrate concepts, solve problems with numbers, and demonstrate accuracy with simple calculations. From there students will build upon this strong foundation of understanding as they develop mathematical proficiencies through math practices such as problem solving, reasoning, modeling, finding and using structure, among others.
  • Students apply literacy standards and thinking and problem-solving skills to learn in all subject areas.

"What is most beneficial about the College and Career Ready Standards is that they will build upon the strong foundation of learning and increase rigor to truly benefit every student in the district," Superintendent Marlin Berry said.

Take some time to review the district math and English language arts standards that describe what students will learn. (see Grade Level Course Documents link below) Other information below may answer your questions, or you may contact us at (913) 780-8179 if you need additional information.

 Grade Level Course Documents PTA Parents Guide to CCSS
Fact Sheet: KSDE and Common Core (PDF) District Questions and Answers (PDF)

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