Graduation Requirements

Twenty-four credits must be earned in ninth through 12th grades. Courses have been classified into five major categories with subheadings. Students are required to obtain credit in each category of courses as follows:

  • Communication — five credits total
    • Four credits of English plus one International Language or Applied Communication credit. At least one unit of English or language arts must be taken each year of high school.
  • Math / Science / Technology — seven credits total
    • Three credits of math plus three credits of science and one credit of technology. The science credits MUST include one credit of physical science and one credit of life science.
  • Humanities — four credits total
    • Three credits of social science plus one credit of visual arts or performing arts. The social science credits MUST include: one credit of World History; one credit of American History; one-half credit of American Government; one-half credit of social science elective.
  • Life Skills — two credits total
    • One credit of health and wellness plus one credit of practical and consumer studies. The health and wellness credit MUST include: one-quarter credit of health; three-quarter credit of P.E. Concepts.
  • Individual Focus — six credits minimum
    • The Individual Focus category encompasses academic and career plan choices from any of the categories above. These may be a combination of courses or they may all be courses from within specific academic disciplines, such as music or science. Students must obtain a MINIMUM of six credits of Individual Focus courses.

Additional information describing specific classes and graduation requirements is included in the high school Program Planning Guide (PPG) available on this website and from high school counselors.