Distinguished Gators Recognized for Being Respectful of Others

Nov. 6, 2012 ~ Green Springs Elementary students know that gators go GRRR. Well, at least Green Springs' Gators do when they're focusing on being Ready to learn, Respectful, Responsible and Safe. The first quarter Distinguished Gator presentation was the perfect place for a reminder of the Gator GRRRs.

Principal Todd Wheat and counselor Tisha Halfert started the Distinguished Gators program this fall to complement the Gator GRRRs expectations that began three years ago.

"This is a new character recognition program at Green Springs," Wheat said. "The intent is to celebrate those students who exemplify our Student Guiding Principles of honesty, respect, responsibility and trustworthiness."

The first quarter focused on respect and honesty is the second quarter principle. Halfert said each teacher works the principle into daily activities; bulletin boards and her own guidance lessons also promote the current principle.

"The kids and staff are so excited about it!" she said.

"Teachers are keeping their eyes out for students who consistently demonstrate the featured principle, and then nominate the student for the Distinguished Gator award," Wheat said.

Parents of the first group of Distinguished Gators were invited to an all-school assembly where the honorees were surprised with a certificate, special T-shirt, and heard their nomination read aloud. A reception and group photo rounded out the special afternoon.

Teacher accepts Class of the Quarter honor Kristen Lester accepted the crown and cloak that go with the Class of the Quarter honor for primary grades. She and her first-grade students walked a lap around the cafeteria as the audience cheered. Janelle Korb’s fifth-grade class received the honor for intermediate grades.
Student Council members show off the GRRRs Members of the Student Council joined counselor Tisha Halfert in presenting the Gator GRRRs expectations for all students. Green Springs’ gators should be Ready to learn, Respectful, Responsible and Safe.
Principal presents an award Principal Todd Wheat presented Distinguished Gator awards to 18 students for their hard work to display the guiding principle of respect. Honesty is the featured guiding principle for the second quarter.
Distinguished Gators group photo

All Distinguished Gators received a special T-shirt which they proudly displayed while family members took a group photo in the school library.

Photos by Marlene Colgan