Magical Music Tour Stops at Education Center

Dec. 19, 2012 ~ A few minutes of holiday music provided by area elementary choirs had many district employees humming to themselves in the weeks before semester break. A handful of elementary choirs visited the Education Center in December to spread a little holiday cheer.

"We are so thrilled that these schools asked to come to the Education Center and share their music and talents," said administrative secretary Marilyn Svien who arranged the tours. "We understand there are many places our groups go to both in the school district and outside the district.

"Staff love hearing the children's voices or the playing of instruments and it really rings in the holiday spirit. Everyone is smiling and humming can be heard as employees make their way back to their offices."

On the day the Walnut Grove Elementary AstroNOTES performed at the Education Center, they also sang at the Instructional Resource Center, Lakeview Village retirement community, Union Station and Crown Center.

"They really enjoy traveling on an all-day tour," Walnut Grove vocal music teacher Lauren Richards said. "They really enjoy performing where the 'big bosses' work! I always tell my students it is an honor and privilege to be able to perform at the Education Center, especially during the holidays when they are all so busy."

The Singing Wolfpack from Woodland Elementary School visited four locations on their tour day.

"I think tour day is very important for our performers," vocal music teacher Denice Trawicki said. "It gives them a sense of community and allows them to share their talent (and fun) with others; not just those in our school community."

Woodland Elementary Singing Wolfpack Woodland Elementary vocal music teacher Denice Trawicki said her Singing Wolfpack performers look forward to wearing holiday accessories on their special holiday field trip. “They also love the challenge of squeezing into the Education Center space and they love standing on the main staircase,” she said.
Arbor Creek holiday performance Arbor Creek Elementary’s Special Chorus, under the direction of vocal music teachers Jill Ebmeier and Patti Selby, was one of a handful of groups to perform in the Education Center this holiday season.
BlueJay Singers from Bentwood Elementary The BlueJay Singers from Bentwood Elementary began their tour day at the Education Center. “It was our first stop and they were excited to get the tour started at the Education Center,” said vocal music teacher Corbin Trimble. “They loved singing there, especially with the candy canes they received.”
Walnut Grove AstroNOTES chorus

Walnut Grove Elementary School was represented at the Education Center by its AstroNOTES chorus. This was one of five stops on their day-long performance tour.

Photos by Ann Kohn