Supreme Court Rules on Funding Case

June 8, 2016 ~ Governor Sam Brownback has called for a special session on June 23 so legislators can work on a solution to the equity issue related to school funding.

May 31, 2016 ~ The Kansas Supreme Court ruled last week that the state Legislature has not met constitutional requirements of equity in funding among school districts in the state. Below is what we know at this point.

  • The district is following the issue with the Legislature and Kansas Supreme Court very closely.
  • It’s important to note that this court case is not about adequacy of funding, it’s about whether school funding is equitably distributed to districts across the state.
  • The Legislature has until June 30 to find a solution to the equity situation.
  • Questions about what happens if the Legislature does not find a solution by June 30, whether schools would be shut down, how that might impact salaries and education in the district, can’t be answered until we know what the Legislature will do.
  • The district’s first priority is the students and staff.
  • At this point, we are planning for an on-time opening of schools.
  • We will communicate once we know more.