Mahaffie Knights Form Relationships within Castle Crews

May 9, 2017 ~ Building a family and a strong school community is a task that Mahaffie Elementary takes seriously. Fostering relationships with students between grade levels is the goal of "Castle Crews."

For 30 minutes each month, students form "Castle Crews" which consist of students from each grade level and one staff member. Students are able to get to know one another outside of regular class time.

This month, students took part in an activity that focused on relationship building and how to place one another in "win-win" situations where both students are in a position to mutually succeed.

Mahaffie Elementary has been implementing the Leader in Me habits during this school year and next year they are joining the Covey Foundation. By way of an $80,000 district innovation grant funded by the Olathe Public Schools Foundation, Mahaffie, along with Millbrooke, Brougham, and Prairie Center elementaries, will fully integrate the Leader in Me program to their school curriculum.

This curriculum helps to teach character and leadership skills to students as well as soft skills.

"The soft skills so needed today are taught impeccably with this program," one fourth-grade teacher said. "In teaching these skills, our kids have daily opportunities to use them and see their benefits."

Each student also has a leadership job within the school. Students work as greeters for the building, water plants in the school, help to clean pods and put out recess equipment. Jobs are suitable for each grade level so all students can participate.

"My kids love their jobs and are so excited to participate," one kindergarten teacher said. "Some of my kindergartners remind me that it is their day to do a specific job!"

Alison Reece's Castle Crew Before going outside for their Crew Day activities, first-grade teacher Alison Reece gathered her Castle Crew for a quick photo.  
students work on flexibility with hula-hoop Students used a hula-hoop and flexibility to put each other in a “win-win” situation.
students demonstrate teamwork Students across grade levels work together to achieve their goal.
boy smiles

Crew Days put a smile on everyone’s face at Mahaffie Elementary School.

Photos by Cody Kennedy