Last Day of School at Black Bob Elementary

June 5, 2017 ~ Silly string shot through the air as students yelled in jubilation. Some parents wiped happy tears from their cheeks as others simply beamed with pride. While this sounds like a graduation ceremony, it technically was for fifth-graders at Black Bob Elementary School.

On the last day of school, departing fifth-grade students were led through the halls at Black Bob one last time and received cheers and applause from younger students. Outside the school, parents armed with silly string lined up along one of the north exits. The sidewalk along the exit was decorated with encouraging messages and chalk drawings by students and teachers.

The anticipation built as students neared the end of their journey. Once the future middle-schoolers left Black Bob for the last time as students, they were showered with silly string and congratulatory cheers from parents and siblings, a perfect end to an elementary school journey.

silly string parade Fifth-graders at Black Bob Elementary capped off their elementary school years by walking through a shower of silly string and confetti.
silly string falls on students Parents watched and took pictures as their fifth-graders walked out of Black Bob Elementary for the last time as students of the school.
parents spray silly string on students

The unofficial "graduation" from Black Bob Elementary wouldn't be complete without some silly string sprayed on the fifth-graders by their parents.

Photos by Cody Kennedy