Summer Conference Highlights Professional Growth Calendar

June 14, 2017 ~ The end of the school year doesn't quite signal the beginning of summer for some of Olathe's most dedicated educators. The annual Olathe Summer Conference runs the week after Memorial Day weekend and is the highlight of the professional growth calendar.

This year over 1,500 attendees gathered for more than 130 sessions covering enrichment opportunities, best practices, classroom integration of new technology, and classroom strategies.

Session attendees were able to earn professional development points or college credit for degree programs.

"Summer Conference allows us to support our teachers and staff in their professional learning in a convenient setting," Director of Instructional Support Programs Jan Heinen said.

The closing keynote speakers included Kevin Honeycutt and Brian Davidson. Honeycutt discussed strategies in connecting with learners who may have checked out somewhere along the educational path. Davidson presented on building skills such as grit and resilience, and applying activities in the classroom setting.

The library at Olathe Northwest High School was one of many spaces being used by Summer Conference presenters and crowds of educators. summer conference class in library
Nationally recognized presenter Rick Wormelli returned to Olathe’s Summer Conference as a featured presenter. His topic was “Racism: A Conversation for Educators.” Rick Wormelli presented at summer conference
In addition to national speakers, the Olathe Summer Conference features district presenters such as Executive Director of Technology Josh Anderson. His topic was “Get Acquainted with MacBook Airs” and drew a crowd of high school teachers. Josh Anderson presented at summer conference

Multi-topic presenter Jeff Dane covered discipline, fundamental thinking skills, cooperative learning instructional strategies, classbuilding and teambuilding in his sessions at Summer Conference.

Photos by Cody Kennedy
Jeff Dane presented on multiple topics